Deleted bugs and Upgrading of History

1 The harvest of plants that was not done correct only for the first plant layer. This is now corrected.

2. The saving of PG-files with many repetitions was not save and always correct after editing of file.

3. The History function of changes made to a document (sim file) has not been working correct for a long period and changes have not been saved. However, this is now corrected and upgraded so also the history of previous files can be made back to 2007 when the function was introduced.

This is an example when looking to the Ebal.Sim file in the tutorial. Notice that the Signature should be defined in the User Setup a Signature.
This is when having the cursor on the header line
Those options can be adjusted and will be saved on the windows systems
A right click on a line with Switches, Parameters, Parameter Tables or Model file will provide a complete list with all changes of a specific Item.

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