The CoupModel has a long history. The very first step was made during 1975 within a researh project in Sweden called the SWECON project. The SWECON project was a project to developed new approaches to integrated interdisciplinary understanding of ecosystem. The focus was on Swedish Coniferious Forest conditions and one of the important issues was to combine the theoretical and quantitative methods with experimental research within biology. The terrestrial ecosystem was considered and a number of submodels should be developed to understand the link between both different disciplines and between different components of ecosystems.

Within that project one abiotic model was developed that was first named the SOILE model (energy) and later on the SOILW model (water). The two models were merged into one single model named the SOIL model and two PhD thesis by Sven Halldin and Per-Erik Jansson were presented during 1980 based on that work.

Halldin, S.. (1980). Soil water and heat model. 1, Synthesis of physical processes

Jansson, P.-E. (1980). Soil water and heat model. 2, Field studies and applications.”

Later on the model has been further developed in many steps and a many PhD thesis and scientific papers  have been published. A review on the this can be find in a recent publication by Per-Erik Jansson.

CoupModel: Model Use, Calibration, and Validation

Transactions of the ASABE. 55(4): 1337-1346. (doi: 10.13031/2013.42245)

A list of publication by Per-Erik Jansson are available as RESEARCHID

or from Google Scholar

A list of papers/reports that has the CoupModel name in title

A list of publications prior 2008 with also include SOIL and SOILN models


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