What is a PG file

A PG file is a file type that is used by the CoupModel to read/write time serie data. The File type is called PG since it was introduced together with a simple MS-DOS program during 1991.

The file type is based on a simple binary format and you have to convert from a txt or csv file.

The type of format of a PG file follow the simple structure

yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm, x1,x2,…xn

is the value of variable1 to variable n

The Old format from 1991 is still compatible with a new extended format as introduced 2013.

The Old format enable a simple header for each variable to have 4 characteristics

1) Name (max 20 char)

2) Unit (max 8 char)

3) Id (max 20 char)

4) Position  (max 4 char)

The new format format is extended to have in additon

5) Country ( string )

6) Station (string)

7) Altitude (double float number)

8) Latitude (double float number)

9) Longitude (double float number)

The new PG-file format also allow repetition of the same variables and the same number of inputs in the same file.

An examples from the list in the PG-File Window

List view
List view
Simple Chart


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