DownLoading of model

Files are available for downloading Google Drive or from OneDrive

You may also make downloading from the Baidu drive if you have problems with Google.

If you want to make your first installation on a Windows system you should download the
SetUpCoupModel6.msi file

If you have a current installation of CoupModel you can either remove the previous installation

and then reinstall the CoupModel by running the SetUpCoupModel6.msi file.

Optionally you can download only the CoupModel.exe file and copy/overwrite the previous CoupModel.exe file.

The CoupModel.exe file is normally located in the program files (x86)/CoupModel folder.

In addition to the normal program you can also download a version MSimCoup2.exe that is

designed for Multiple runs using parallel processing on your PC.

6 thoughts on “DownLoading of model

    1. Dear Guohui,
      The model should be possible to download by following the instructions.
      Please let me know what was the problem.
      See also news about new version.

      Per-Erik J

  1. This Model is necessary for me to simulate water soil movement matter.
    However, the new version is more complex the the previous one in use.
    I would like to thank Prof. Per-Erik Jansson and his colleagues.

        1. Dear Quang,
          I hope we can sort out the problem.
          You can first of all send me a normal mail:
          We may continue to make a skype session.

          All the best


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