Version 6.1.6 New Switch for Seedling Management

To start a new plant development from plantation of seedling a new option is introduced in the Plant Growth Module. Default is that initial value are set to start development of a plant from the start of the simulation optionally sowing can be made in many different ways (Sowing_Switch). The new switch Seedling_Management will be enabled when the Sowing_Switch is put to off.

The control of when plantation of seedling can be made for specific years or relative to the final harvest of a plant.

A parameter table includes the paramters for the Seedlings.

Note that the age of the plant will be assigned to the seedling age at time of plantation when a certain value of carbon amount for the leaf, stem or root is specified. The nitrogen amount will be estimated based on the minium C/N ratio for the particular plant and component. A seedling is assumed to be without coarse roots.

An example of use of this switch typical for a forest rotation are available showing various management options for the Skogaryd site.

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