Version 6.2.0 – xml format

The major change is that the new default format of Document file has changed from a binary to become a text oriented using basic xml. This means that the content of the file can be also modified or viewed by any other standard xml-editior.

To Adapt to the new format the user have to save document settings to an xml file (no default ).

This is done my right click in the RunInfo tab after a standard sim file has been opened.

The result will be a new Document file with the same new but with the extention xml.

After this I recommend you to close the previous (sim) file document. If you visit the standard directory you can confirm that the new xlm file has been created. To open this file you right click and choose CoupModel exe as the standard app for opening of xml files and you will be able to click by a standard single click in the next.

Note that you may have many different suggestion depending on your windows installations to open an xml file including most standard internet browsers. The view by for instance Microsoft Edge is seen below:

A more flexible layout will be for instance with an app like XML Viewer that is a free of charge program.

But for normal I still recommend you to open the xml file with the CoupModel.exe. Providing that you create new documents and make simulations all the new files are now with xml style.

A possible disadvantage of the new format is that the size of the files will be larger but normally the Document file is reasonable small. Do not try to edit the xml file with a to simple app like for instance Notepade if you want to make many changes of the content.

The xml format is also applied for the MSimCoup2 program and will be easy to use for any other version of the CoupModel outside the windows environment.

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