Problem with correct updating of Nitrogen and Carbon

I new problem caused problem with recent new version of also making correct harvesting introduced by was discovered.

The bug made used the wrong integration time step for the nitrogen and carbon when the number of
iterations for the nitrogen and Carbon was set to the same values as for the water and heat.
Using daily resolutions of input data and Independent relation of time steps for nitrogen/carbon versus water/heat.

Note that model try to find a ratio with an exact relation between number of iterations for heat/water
versus iterations by nitrogen and carbon submodel. If your results are not reproducing previous versions
please let me know. Various combination of number of interatation for nitrogen/carbon versus heat/water may
have been showing this problem. As a role you should have less number of iterations for nitrogen/carbon
compared with water/heat. However, this is connected to both the time resolution of the forcing file and
the expected accuracy of simulated outputs.

Thanks to Magnus Svensson that identified the newly introduced bug that was not visible prior version from March 2 2016.

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