Update of Snow-Soil interface, Harvesting and Creating PG-files

The new version (5.2.7) includes deleted bugs that have caused various problems.

(1) Snow-Soil Interface may have been systematic overestimated because of problems with
the iterative energy-balance solution of the snow with the soil surface temperature. The
soil surface temperature is estimated as as steady state solution of heat flow between snow surface,
and uppermost soil layer using respectively thicknesses and thermal conductivities.

(2) Harvest at a given leaf area index was not unconditionally made at the specified LAI.
The LAI is now working for the first plant at all conditions when the LAI is above the specified level.

(3) Saving of the data of a chart to create a corresponding PG-file was not including the time correctly.

(4) Bugs related to estimating a changed time representation of PG-files in the Edit PG file window.

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