Fixing bugs – Plotting and exporting to PG-files

A number of bugs have been deleted related to design of charts for Multi runs of simulation.

Error in shifting of ChartTypes – Time Serie, scatter and contour charts

Note that when selecting new independent variables that are not time but any other
varialble or transformation of variable the ChartTypes are in most cases shifting from
various chart types. Two independent variables always should make a contour chart,

One independent variable should normally produce a simple scatter chart,

No Independent variable selected normally produce a time serie with time or run number on x-axis.

Exporting of some of those combination to a a new PG.file was not correct for a number of combinations,

A new export file should contain both extra variables for first independent (x) and for second independent (y)
as additions variables. Note that the time/date variable is transformed to a simple sequence with artificial dates
starting 0001-01-01 00:00 and increment 1 day for each new line in file.

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