New Option for using annual N-deposition rates as inputs

Reading of annual deposition rates from a PG-file is part of new version 5.1.18

The switch N Deposition in the group of External N inputs has been extended
with new options. Instead of only on or off, the new options will be

off No N deposition will be considered
Parameters Depositions will be estimated based on parameters
PG-file Annual NO3 and NH4 depostion rates as gN/m2/yr will be specified in a PG-file. The PG file is identified as model files as N Deposition File and has the default name NDeposition.bin.

Linked to the this value of this switch also new options for how to use the switch is made available as Dynamic indexed deposition file.

Switch Dynamic indexed deposition

off The file name will be unique and always used during the simulation
Using Single PG file The file name may shift with a parameter specified similar as for meteorological file using the MetFile Station Selection switch in the Additional variable menu to get a unique no. The file name should then be used as :
Ndeposition_10.bin where the number following the underscore will correspond to the unique Id No.
Using Multi PG file This option will use a Multi PG-file with many repetitions and the choice of the repetitions corresponds to the ID-number,

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