Bug in version from June 10

A major error occurred when trying to make new installation from June 10.

If you downloaded and installed the model and could not start the model.
Please reinstall or substitute the files in the Program file (x86) directory using the
two new files in Fix0622.zip that are in the main download directory

Optionally you can download only the CoupModel.exe file from the same directory to
obtain new version.

The new version of today fix this major failure and also has a number of minor updates
with respect to the HBV module and also Multiruns using a dynamic input of N-deposition.

New function for reading of csv files have been created.

An error with respect to coordinates in the Multi_XXXX.Bin output file is also corrected.

Some problems when using the Salt Module together with freezing has been identified. Please
let me know about any problems related to simulation of salt tracer.

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