Version 6.2.5

New variables to check and follow the turnover of carbon and nitrogen from seed to harvest and return to soil as litter are introduced and a number of bugs have been removed in connection to sowing, harvest and ploughing. Also some extra variables has been introduced inte the group of Additional Biotic Variables.

New Output variables are:

AccMinNDeepPercolation, AccNitrogenSeedInputs, AccCarbonSeedInputs.

AccNitrogenSoilFormation and AccCarboSoilFormation are linked to the Litterfalls from the plant as defined by AccPlantLitterC and AccPlantLitterN. Note that those are split into a surface pool of Surface Litter1 or Surface Litter2 prior the mixing of the aboveground litter into the soil. In a similar way a new pool name Dead Plant Residual are defined inside the soil for each horizon. This pool collects Litter1 and or Litter2 from the plant continously or at events like harvest or ploughing. The pools is mainly a pool of just transition from the plant to the litter and has not active biological functionality. A fixed mixing rate coefficient is applied.

If you have noticed any substantial error in the Nitrogen or Carbon Balance Check variables. Please check the new version. Note that the mass balance check variables are defined both for the ecosystem and for the plant and the soil separetely.

Those check variables are linked to change of mass from the start of the simulation

And can be combined with any of the predefined accumlated variables like

Note that the mass balance can never be fully closed but values should be small. For long term change of soil conditions the mass balance is a tricky issue and typical a small difference between big numbers.

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