Version 6.2.4

New features for settings of Criteria for creating Ensembles prior start of simulation

Most impotant advantage with this feature is that you can easily define many ensembles to test the performance and check various combination of multi criteria to select candidates for ensembles of simulated values with acceptable conditions.

The procedure is to a large extent similar to the procedure that can be applied after you have completed multiruns in the feature of the Evaluation Multi window. See typical window below:

In the example above the first Ensemble is displayed showing the statistics when 2000 prior was reduced to 4 posterior. The new features that this selection was made by the presettings. Note that 6 ensembles was created that can be seen in the last tab Ensembles-Tab

Those 6 ensembles was defined by various criteria that can be viewed in the “defined criteria” sheet.

To create those the simulation document need to be defined with setting of a new Switch in the Technical group “Predefined Criteria”

Connected to a table Criteria for Ensembles

Note that 12 criteria is defined here for the 6 ensemble

Transformation cells are defined by numbers from 0 to 3. 0 – Actual values, 1 – Cumulated values, 2- year cumulated values, Day cumulated values.

Criterion column is optional form various new combined criteria. However, in the first test only the default style of criteria are used and the value should be 0.

Performance Indicators are 0- R2, 1- Intercept, 2- Slope, 3 -Mean Error (ME), 4- Root Mean Square error (RMSE), 5 – LogLikelihood and 6- Nash Sutcliff Modelling efficiency (NSE).

The Var Index is the pair of variables (Simulated versus Measured) as defined inte the validation list of the document.

The Thresholdtype is defined as:

0 – absolute fixed value – meaning that Threshold value is the number that remains after the criteria

1- relative – meaning that Threshold value is the percentage of prior the criteria, e.g. the percentage remaining after the criteria has been applied

A major issue is that the criteria can be defined prior the simulation is made but also adjusted with new setting after a multirun has been completed.

The menu for this is at the yellow button of the first sheet in the Multi Evaluation windows.

A small demo will be made to show more in detail how this works. Please give comments if you want to test of develop the features. Also note that the results of applying the criteria can be exported to excel with complete description of the outputs. Note the menu in the Document window (Run Info)

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