Extended Information from Excel file

A new extended option allow the user to view a complete list of all major items of the model. This is similar to the view from the GUI of the model with sheets for the various items. However, the extended is independent and available as a description of the entire model and not as a description of the specific application (document). The purpose of viewing those files may be to have a separate archiv that corresponds to the previous complete documentation .

The excel document contains a number of new details that corresponds to the latest version of the model. The menu to create the excel is in the RunInfo Tab of the Document view.

The file name is the same as normal output but containts “_Extended”.
The Switch sheet contains also the conditions for each Switch that makes the Swich enabled or not. Note that all conditions have to be true for making a specific switch to be visible in the normal view. Here all are visible also when one or more conditons are false.
The Parameters sheet also contains the name of the Function that is using the particular parameter. Note this info is in grey to be different from the conditions that are with a background color corresponding to the category of the parameter
Model elements correspond to the number of elements that are normaly visible in the Parameter Table sheet. The additional information of the Model Elements sheet is that we have a complete list of those vectors to which the elements are bound. Note the different lines for Parameters (P), State Variables (X), Flow Variables (T), Auxiliaries (G) and Drivers (D).
The Parameter Vectors sheet differs from the Parameter Table sheet by listing all the Parameter Vectors independent of which Table they are part of. Here like the for normal Parameters it is possible to see the links to Functions and to Conditions that makes the vectors visible.
The Function Sheet corresponds to all view functions in the GUI of the model. Note that here we have a list of the parameters that are link to the different functions. Depending if the parameters are as a vector of a single value they have different colors in the display.

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