Excel Read/write of Document Settings

The excel format corresponds to a large exent to the varios sheet of an ordinary simulation Document. The major information can be this be saved to any excel sheet, modified saved with other names or archived as determined by the users and finally retrieved to a normal simulation document. To use the new feature a new CoupModel.exe together with the ntxl.dll has be installed in the default folder.

The menu for to save or read is available after right click in the Run info tab of the document view.
A document is saved with the same name as the Sim Document but with the file type xlsx.
The view of the excel document for excel or corresponding program. Note the similarity with the document view in CoupModel interface
The Switch sheet is using both an integer and a String to identify the value. The rows that is visible here is only the one that was enabled by the document from which your saving was made.
Parameters sheet has a similar layout like the normal document. Note that the text string have to be correct for identification of the correct parameter when the document is read. Recommendations are to edit only the value and nothing else to avoid confusion.
This is the read file dialog that allow you to specify any xlsx file. But remember that only files that strictly follow the templates of the CoupModel layout will be correctly read.

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