Modified Growth Stage Index (GSI) for late ripening stage and reset after harvest

The Last stage of GSI from 3 to 4 according to the scale from full grain filling to a stage of harvest was previously regulated only by a time function.

This step has now been modified to be governed by a temperature sum function, using two new parameters (1) Ripening Tth –  (2) Ripening Tsum.

The first parameter represents the threshold from which the temperature sum is calculated and the second represents the temperature sum when GSI will reach GSI of 4.

The switch : Reset GSI at harvest has been extended from off/on to also have the option

on at complete grain harvest.  The on option will always reset the GSI for any harvest opteration but

the new at complete grain harvest requires that the entire grain is harvested (FHarvest Grain = 1) . Providing a partial harvest is made of the Grain (FHarvest Grain <1) no reset of GSI will be made.



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