Deleted bug for solar angle and new error test

Simulations have not been perfectly stable and to some extent this is because of many new implementations of functions objects. To identify numerical problems with may be partly random a new error test have been introduced.

When a severe error occur during a simulation a dialog window will flag for the error. This will happen up to 5 times and you need to click on the ok button to force the simulation to be completed.

The error test will be cause by a non defined value of some fluxes that should be used for update of a state variable.  The test will exclude update when extreme values are identified and the simulation results may be still be trustful if only a single error is detected. However, I recommend the user to check there setting of the sim documents and also the values in forcing data files.  If you have a sim document that announce this error and that previously have been without problems. Please report this as a bug and made your simulation input files availalble for me.

Simulation with within day resolution and consideration of the radiation balance may have been without correct account for the converstion between solar time and normal time. The parameter Solar_Time_Adjust have been disregarded.

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