New Version of MSimCoup2 and some debugging of importance for MultiRuns

A new version of MSimCoup2 is introduced that is more flexible for workstations with many optinal threads. Normally MSimCoup2 runs as many as exist -1.
However on workstation with many threads and more than one CPU this may be to much and in one case we also got errors when trying to make full use of workstation with 56 threads.

So the new version allow the user to specify how many to create and also what is the next runno so it can be decided independent of previous files.

See below:

Also CoupModel.exe is updated. One serious bug causing problem when attaching many document more than 20 was deleted. In addition the use of Residuals when plotting the results of the Validation variables should produce a residual that is simulated-measured.
Note this options is part of the options form the ChartProperties window (general). In previous version this option showed instead measured-simulated that is not consistent with the Mean Error in the statistics of multiruns.

See below:

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