Bug with respect to reading of meteorological data file and plotting of PG-file variables

The Reading of big files with meteorological data using fixed time intervals with Global Radiation
and Precipitation may have been read with some errors.

To make sure that you have not been exposed to this bug you should rerun a previous simulation
with the new version released today ( – January 4th).

You can also check your output variables like Measured Precipitation with the values you have in the
driving PG-files. Note that depending on the time resolution you have selected for your input and
for your outputs the values may be smoothed or aggregated.

Plotting of PG file variables from the version introduced December 20 2016 was made as scatter plots
and without the proper date on the x-axis. A number of such phenomenas was introduced by the version
of December 19 th.

The new version including MSimCoup2 is available for downloading.

I hope those bugs have not caused too many problems for users during the Christmas and New Year Events.

Please keep me updated on new or old problems so we can continue to make the use of CoupModel to
an enjoyable level for 2017.

Your contributions are important to further develop the model. During 2016 a number of good papers have
been published based on the CoupModel in journal of high impact factors. I do expect this to continue.
Thanks to Wenxin that find the bug related to reading of meteorological file.

I also want to makes wishes to all users a Happy New Year 2017.


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