New version 5.2.0 – Adapted to Windows 10 and MS Visual Studio 2015

This version is a major step with respect to the many components of the CoupModel. The new version has been tested during a period of about 1 month but there may be unexpected bugs. So please consider this version 5.2.0 with some care. However, a number of old bugs are deleted and some new developments are implemented.

The new version should be possible to use without dll files for Windows system since the microsoft support is included as a static component of the new CoupModel.exe file. To install the new you can simple overwrite the previous CoupModel.exe with the new. But I recommend you to visit the control panel and uninstall the previous CoupModel prior you install the new by using SetUpCoupModel5.msi from

Major news are New management options for application of Fertilization, Model for CO2 simulations in the soil profile, Salt application by irrigation, and various issues related to design of charts.

Some failures and bugs related to Multiruns are deleted.

A number of bugs related to PG-files are fixed.

The model for CO2 in the soil will be further developed and new detailed descriptions will be displayed.

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