Parallell Processing on a PC with multiple cores

There is a version for running multiple simulations using Sim files as designed with the CoupModel interface.  The Version is designed for MultiRun.

The executable version is called MSimCoup2.exe

The MSimCoup2 runs as many cores -1 on your PC. Providing that you have 4-cores available

and you open a previous simulation the MSimCoup2 makes 3 parallell runs and finally attached two of the runs to the first run started.

The program is a concole program and you normally copy the program to the directory where you want

to run it and where you have a sim-file located.

Then you are prompted to answer some questions prior your simulation starts.

See below:


When the program is ready you can open the first MultiRun and in the example above

MSimRead1 MSimRead2

You have scaled up one single multirun from 11 simulation to become 33 Simulation by using the 3 processors.


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