New Version 6.2.2 – Bug fixed and some new features

One Bug are related to the introduction to introduction of version 6 and may have large impacts on some perennial ecosystem simulation where nitrogen is a major growth regulator. So if you have current studies with especially long term simulation. Please download and check the new version released. The most important isses was related to the N mobile dynamics with some additional input of nitrogen to the model pool that was not consistent with reallocation within the plants. Instead an extra amount causing also an error in the Nitrogen and Carbon balance check.

Also some other issues in the carbon and nitrogen mass balance was discovered related to the seasonality of litter inputs to the soil from the surface litter layers when using only one litter (L1) in the model.

A more recent implementation bug was discovered for the methane oxidation in soil as related to the root respiration. In the methane submodel also some parameter range constrains have been extended.

New features are how to specify management related inputs as time series instead of parameter tables have also been introduced. The will replace the use of dynamic parameter inputs for ploughing, surface cultivation, sowing, emergence, harvest and fetilization. New Options in related switches have been introduced. The time for change of the management as parameters is specified as year and julian day of the year. In the new option for an management event the only specification is the time as given in the file input. Any number of changes of management event can be specified and no default value for a certain day of the year is used. Instead the action will take place exactly at the date that is specified in the input file. The only important requirement is that the dates are in strict sequence from early to later days in the files.

Thanks to Magnus Svensson, Wenxin Zhang, Bingqian Zhao and David Nimblad that contributed for the current update.

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