Thermal Conductivy option, update

The default option for estimating the soil thermal conductivy is based on Kerstens equation but also the Balland & Arp approach from 2005 (Modelling soil thermal conductivities over a wid range of conditions, J. Eng. Environ. Sci. 4, 549-558) has been visible from the switch Thermal Conductivity Function. This option Balland& Arp has not been in operation in the previous verions of of CoupModel 6 but is now implemented with some new improvements for viewing function. Below a short review of the options for Thermal Conductivity is given.

First of all the functions have some parameters that corresponds to the basic parameters originating from the publication of Balland and Arp 2005. 3 parameters are general for all layers and corresponds to what is called the Kersten shape factor. Those are:

The chart related are shown that corresponds only to the uppermost layer of the soil profile but the parameters values are applied for all layers.

The parameters that are for individual layers that corresponds to the Soil Texture table.

The chart corresponds to the depth of assumed layers that are independent of those that are the model simulation layers.

The model layers are displayed in the table Thermal Conductivity, model layers and are recalculated for the texture layers to corresponds to the simulated layers. Note that model layers are not for to be modified since they are calculated from the texture layers by interpolation using the same method as used for hydraulic soil properties (Measured and Simulated Layers).

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