New export options from MBin file to excel (xlsx format)

In December 2020 a new export option for the entire content of results from a multirun simulations was introduced now this is extended with a export excel files. The features are using an open source library xlnt. The content of the files may be the same but there are some obvious advantages with a direct export to excel file. First of all the excel files using the (xlsx-format) have different worksheet so the number of files are reduced. Second the export to excel can be more selective to the specific variable from the MBin file. Many softwares can easily read directly the format of the excel or the csv files. For instance R has a well developed package to read from the excel and import each worksheet from excel to a dataframe structure. Only when the files are very big you should avoid the use of the excel format and in this case the csv format can be recommened.

A complete export of the entire content will be made available by a meny of a completed Multi Run Document shown by the right click method.

Make export of Output Variable, Performance and Calibrated Parameter)
The menu in the Output variable tab will export all output variables.
A right click in a specific column will allow export of that specific variable. Note that repeated export will add variables to the same sheet in the same output file.

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