Calibration with many sites to obtain best performance using a common set of parameters values for all sites

This procedure is based on using more than 2 dimension of a Multirun where the first dimension is used to specify the site specific parameters and the second is used to specify those parameters that should be considered to have a common value for all sites. To make this distinction the Technical module switch Dynamic Validation file has to be put On.

Required Switch

In addition 2 parameters have to be used specify the sites that are to used. First Aggregate Calib Number which should be assigned to a value that corresponds to the number of sites and the number of candidates in the first dimension. Second Index for selection of File (first val file) should be used to identify the specific validation data for each of the sites. All validation data need to be specified in a PG file with repetitions. This parameters is used to identify the match between the specific repetition and the data that should be match corresponding to the first dimension.

Validation File with 15 repetitions

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