New upgrading of the Methane Model in version 6.1.2

Most important changes are on the oxidation process in the soil. New Switch Methane Soil Oxidation.

The New version has a new equation where the oxidation rate is governed by the Methane concentration i air pore space and not i the Methane concentration of water as in the original approach. In addtion to this the new approach is also additing a temperature response to the oxidation rate.

Another major change is that the aerodyanmic resistance of the soil boundary layer is now described as Resistance parameters CH4 Resistance Air.

All basic parameters in the Methane model have now view functions. For each parameter the user can view the function check the understanding of the parameter values prior the simulation.

Oxidation Production and Transport are 3 groups of processes

In addtion the assumed equilbrium between the liquid phase and the gas phase an important part of the model. This function is named as the Methane Volatilty Function and has 3 parameters from the Henry Law.

This Function consider both the concentration in water to output the concentration in air at different temperatures.

Please update to the new model if you want to examine the new Methane submodel.

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