GrainFilling Allocation – New option with dynamic allocation rate

During GrainFilling with a change of GSI from 2 to 3.

Allocation to Grain is governed by parameters to reallocate from Leaf, Stem and Root.

This allocation rate is by a first order parameter for each of those components.

A new Option suggested by Jingbo Zhen will now allow a reduced allocation in the later stage.

To use the new option please see the new Switch GrainFillAllocation

with new parameter Allocation Grain Range

For the default value a linear decrease in the allocation rate is assumed. The chart below show the impact of the default value of 0.4 for a Date Palm simulation provided by Jingbo Zhen


The option may be useful for plants that do continue to develope with active growth of leaf during also the Grain Filling stage. The Red line show the results of previous model with full allocation and the new approach is showed by the blue line.

Thanks to Jingbo Zhen for the suggetion to develope the model.


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