New Flexible list of output variables

The Output Variable list can be viewed by both used selected sorting by

  1. Type
  2. Module
  3. Process/Element
  4. Variable Name

The sort will be made the highest level based on the latest single click on the header line.

The 3rd Column may represent Process or Element. Shift will be made after right click on the header line.

The Variables in the list can be filtered by (i) Category of Output (ii) Elements or (iii) Variable Representation

Those are selected by right click on the header line : Upper Corner, Process/Element or Variable column.

Elements are selected as All or On/Off for 7 type of elements.

Variable Representation as Scalars, Plant Vectors or Soil Profile



In Addition the Soil Profile may be viewed as all layers or every 5th layer by viewing of selected layers.




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