New Version with Zadok scale for Phenology

The new version 5.4.4 includes a new output called the Zadok scale.

The Zadok value is a function of the previous GSI, Growth Stage Index.

Linear interpolation is used to obtain a Zadok value from 1 to 100 using GSI from 0 to 4.

Emergence is defined as Zadok 10 and GSI 1

Grain filling stage is defined to start at Zadok 70 and GSI 2

Grain filling is complete at Zadok 90 and GSI 3.

Harvest is at Zadok 100 and GSI 4.

In addtion to the previous parameters to determine GSI and single moisture function (0-1) was added for the sowing stage. The shift from sowing date to Zadok 10.

This function use soil moisture content of the uppermost layer in a range from wilting point to the parameter value. In that range the response is scaled from 0 to 1. The  parameter is called:

MoistureRangeEmergence and it is defined as a single parameter in the Plant Growth Module.

Default value is put to 10 vol %. and a normal range from .1 to 50.

Note that if you should reproduce the previous version you have to assing a new value of

MoistureRangeEmergence to 0. 

Other changes with version 5.4.4 will be descibed in new post following this today.

Note that various bugs have also been corrected and if you have a current problem

when using CoupModel you are recommended to shift to the new version before you report the problem.




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