New Improved Features for File Preparation – New Version 5.4

The New version has replaced a number of previous options for how to create pg files.
The major new features with the new version is that Import of Files should be much more flexible and easy based on any CSV-formated text file.

The requirements for Date/Time Specifications are more flexible since the file is scanned for any column in the header line that contains information about date/time.
The Most important keywords from the header line is Date, Year or Time. By using those the program will identify the columns to be used for creating a correct time record in the file.

The PG File can also be created based on an empty defined structure of variables and time points that will be filled with data in later steps.

3 New Windows are introduced as tabs of the main PG Window.

Create New File
Change Data
Change Description

The new windows have a number of buttons for interaction with the user and also a number of hint to explain the new features.

Examples below

Data can be imported from linked files with various information. The File can also contain information from many different sites in the same file.
Note that the use of Site_Id keyword will identify a key for linking information between files. An Additional File will be useful to add details of each Site_Id.
Typically such data are the Geografic positions.

Also note that the Information and description of the variables can be supported by Data and Unit Types that are defined as standards of the CoupModel system.

Very big files with data from long periods will be flexible to both view in tables and for calculation by selection of subperiods both for calculations and for viewing.
The Data Change window allow the user to set the size of the windows and to make quick or flexible steps between subperiods.

The Saving of Files after various manipulations will hopefully be smooth. But still we recommend you to carefully check with the data.

I have developed the new features especially for making multiple simulations and calibration of the model for many sites. The data structure from the a cost project PROFOUND

Fluxnet sites with long time series have been selected for model benchmarking. If you are interested of those forest sites – please let me know.
I can provide complete set of continous and quality checked data.

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