New version with features for Multi Calibration of time series origination from various sites

The new version is making use of PG-files with repetitions to make a simple running of many sites.
A preliminary example prepared by help from Mousung Wu is using 10-flux-sites to calibrate the
model for all sites.


The Valid10Sites2

The Validation file is used similar like normal validation files but with the important different that various data will be read when making a multirun. The shifting from one station to another corresponds to the first dimension i the Multirun Table.

The Second Dimension corresponds to parameters that are selected for calibration. In the example below 3 site specific parameters are assigned and 3 parameters are for calbration.

The results can be demonstrated in many ways by a simple example show have the performance depends on the site and the parameters selected for calibration.


In the example the InputFileName Index corresponds to the different sites and each dot shows the results of the diffent selected parameters.

The preliminar example can be downloaded

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