New Validation Variable for SV variable Validation and New Format to Aggregate Results from Attached Multiruns

The New Validation of Single Value (SV) validation variables is a mean or a sum of previous defined variables.

The Mean of the other validation indicators enable a way to find the best global model and especially when using the Log Likelihood it will represent the runs with the lowest uncertainty.

Note that the use of this is a comprimise if you want to focus on a certain criteria and a specific validation variables.


In addition more information from previously attached files are stored in the Statistical File for Evaluation “XXXXX.SBin”. This will allow a quick restart of the model after you have finnished a previous session when evaluation a Multirun.
If you get problem when open a previous multirun with a previous SBin File. Please simple remove that file and a new file will be created with the new format.

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