New Version 5.3.0

Many new features that will be described more in detail later on. Some changes are made with respect to development of model code but also major development for how to process multiple runs.

Conceptual news are with respect to a new model for Grazing – The new model is developed with Nimai Senapati and will be described in detail when tested.

A bug with respect to estimating soil surface temperatue when using energy balance approach and with simulated liquid water in snow is deleted.

Major news with respect to the work with Multi runs are new features for more than one ensemble and for a new procedure to attach file for joint evaluation of many multi run files.

Two new file type are introduced that will be used internally by the CoupModel when working with multiRuns. They are linked with the MBIN file and the XBin Files.

The New file are named:


Note that he files are created by the program in the same directory as when the Sim and MBin files are stored. If you want to move settings made in you evaluation make sure that you should copy also those files.

The picture below show two new sheets affected by the Flexible way of defining new ensembles and storing results.

The Document Window has got one new sheet called Attached Files where you can view details on attached runs.
The Evaluation Multi Window has got another new sheet called Ensembles – Split where you can view details on created ensembles.

You can right click in the new windows to find menues on how to remove or add data to you evaluations.

Also note the color in the Ensemble Column of the Validatin sheet. A yellow color means that ensemble for time series have to be estimated. If you see no color you can right click to find options for estimating news ensemble. The check box will be readonly until new ensembles have been estimated.


Note that also MSimCoup2 is updated. The attachment of files will now be made manually after completing multiruns.

Please report on any failure with the new version and how you will enjoy the new features…

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