New Display of Information for the Simulation Document

The Menu for display of Switches, Parameters and Parameter Tables are updated.

A new column will display information about the process or the element that is associated with a particular Switch, Parameter or Parameter Table.

This allow for sorting of your lists not only from Module and Name of the Item. Now it can also be sorted by either Process or element.

Sorting of Module or Name is made as before by single click on the header. The Header for process/element will in addition shift from process to element view in that column.

Currently the CoupModel handles 70 different processes and 30 elements. The classification into Elements and processes is preliminary and will be updated based on general understanding of the commonly used concepts. In a number of cases the classification may be overlapping with the Module Name. However in many cases some modules have been to big and it is mostly for those the new characteristics are introduced.NewProcessPNG



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