New CO2 Diffusion function for soil

A new more flexible diffusion function to estimate diffusion in a partially air filled pore space is implemented.

The new function is built on the previous have a tortuosity which define the slope in relation to what should be expected for air without any mixture of soil particles.

3 New parameter were introduced D CO2 Min Value Soil, D CO2 PowerCoef and D CO2 Air Threshold.

The first represent the minimum value that is suggested to be close to diffusion in water for CO2. The default value is 1.E-9 m2/s

The PowerCoef is a power coefficient for the air filled fraction of the soil
and the Theshold represent the minimum air content to increase the diffusion above the minimum level.

The a new viewing function is also added (require a update and replacement of the Function.csv file)


In the function above demostrates the view function by changing values and comparing with default settings

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