New Freezing point Functions

A preliminary implementation of new options to be appropriate for salt affected soils includes also new viewing functions.

A new switch (Freezing Point Options) in the Soil Frost module has 3 options:

(1) Orginal Version
(2) By Extra Parameter
(3) By Osmotic Potential

The (2) option is connected to the Parameter:
with a possible range from -3 to 0 C.

The (3) option is connectied to the Parameter:
with a possible range from -2 to 2.
The default value 0 will suggest a freezing point that corresponds to the thermodynamic equilibrium with osmotic potential. A value smaller than zero will give a logaritmic scaled freezing point depression whereas a value above zero will enhance the freezing point in a similar way.

The viewing functions are :
Soil Temperature Heat Function
Residual Unfrozen Water Function
Freezing Start Temperature Function

See screenclip below also showing the link to the parameters.


The viewing function will be further processed by the ChartProperties window. FreezingViewFunction

Please note that you have to update also the Functions.csv file located in the SoiProperties directory if the new viewing functions should work on your windows installation. Otherwise you have to make a complete new installation of the CoupModel.

The function are suggested by Mousong Wu and we are happy to get any comments on the new functions.

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