SweClim climatic simulations

The CoupModel can be linked to data from SweClim (a swedish climatic change project) to run climate change scenarios (see switch SweClimScenarious). However, this requires that the data file(s) “RCAO_*.Par”, containing various coefficients, is put in the present working directory. These files can possibly be retreived on request from SweClim. In addition, a SweClim region should be chosen according to Figure 6.4 (see switch SweClimRegions).

..\..\..\..\Program Files\CoupModel\Samples\SweClim\6-reg_dtdp.gif

Figure 6.4 SweClim regions..

In these senarios, it is possible to alter precipitation:


where pcoef is a precipitiation coefficient retrieved from the SweClim file, pSweC  is an optional precipitation correction factor and Pnormal is the precipitation calculated by equation (8.6).

Similarily, it is possible to alter the air temperature:


where where tcoef is an air temperature coefficient retrieved from the SweClim file, tSweC  is an optional air temperature correction factor and Tnormal is the air temperature calculated by equation (8.7).