The performance of a simulation can be considered in various ways after selection of simulation variables that are compared with observed variables. The choice of validation is optional but are stongly recommended to evaluate the results from simulations. Normally validation variables are time series and to make comparision with simulated variables the user have to organize the validation variables in one PG-structured time serie file. Make use of options in the PG File sheet to prepare such file. Once the preparation is done the Validation sheet allow the user to select the file and to combine the pairs of variables. In case of bayesian calibration of the model not only time serie variables but also single value variables like the mean value, final value or the accumulated some of any value could be specified for calibration.

A completed document contains the results of the comparision between simulated and observed variables. In addition the results can be view in a similar ways as for the output variable sheet after left och right click on the specific variables in the list.