09-12-08 Deleted bug and improved visualization of MultiRun results

09-11-26 New regulation of denitrifier death rate function

09-11-24 New why to specify Harvest dates by PG file option

09-11-02 Improved bug in the display of output variables in a document prior simulation

09-10-28 Deleted bugs causing problems in the denitrification calculations from horizons with a zero microbial biomass

09-10-26 Updated Iterative energy balance solution for soil surface

09-10-15 Deleted bug negative values of soil ammonium

09-10-13 Deleted specific bug to select "Soil Resp (no roots)" variable

09-10-07 New options to plot and process outputs from multiple runs based on the format introduced (09-05-18)

09-10-07 New Tutorial on permafrost conditions.

09-09-21 Updated Tutorials

09-09-21 New Parameter for precipitation generation

09-09-21 Timing problem when reading validation files

09-09-08 Deleted bugs related to plotting mean values of selected ensambles of simulation

09-08-26 New window for definition of criteria to evaluate Multiruns or viewing results for Bayesian Calibration

09-05-18 Added new output representation during MultiRuns.

09-05-13 Added new outputs

09-05-10 Corrected bug given error in new year update

09-04-07 Corrected bug on Residuals in outputs

09-04-01 New Bayesian Likelihood function

09-04-01 Bug in update of Error for Summation variables.

09-03-24 Modification of Microbial based Nitrification model

09-03-24 Bug in display of posterior distributions

09-01-12 Extended info about MultiRun

09-01-12 Corrected bug for Bayesian Calibration

09-01-12 Corrected bug for plotting of parameter distributions

09-01-07 Forcing of document to be considered as completed runs