08-12-18 New parallel processing and features for the Residual files (XBin)

08-11-25 New Index for GW input file name

08-11-24 New options for plant development

08-11-24 Further development of N-emission model

08-11-24 Further Development of GLUE post analysis

08-11-05 New GLUE features as postprocessing of multiruns

08-10-27 Development of Microbial based Denitrification module

08-10-20 Correcting bugs

08-10-20 New colours and interface options

08-10-06 New options for rerun of MultiRun Simulations

08-09-29 Change of microbial based denitrification model

08-09-22 Modified Sampling options in Marcov Chain for Bayesian Calibration

08-09-22 Improved Real Time monitoring of MultiRuns

08-09-19 Introduced adding heat Source

08-09-16 Correction - bug in Radiation interception and update of new model from 08-09-03

08-09-10 Correction bug in Interception and some other procedures

08-09-11 Corrected bugs in Calibration procedures

08-09-11 New design of plotting procedures from grid

08-09-05 Correcting bug in energy balance procedure

08-09-05 Correcting bug in new Calibration procedure

08-09-04 New output option in the PG edit window

08-09-03 New canopy transmissivity model

08-09-01 Additional changes of new Calibration and new naming convention for MultiRun simulation

08-08-27 Deleted bug on new Calibration

08-08-26 Deleted bug on index output

08-08-19 Modified heat production function

08-08-12 New Calibration option - Validation files

08-04-25 New option of Bayesian calibration

08-04-21 Error MultiRun with Changes during Run

08-04-21 Added new outputs for integration of depth

08-04-17 PG File errors

08-04-17 Saving to excel

08-04-12 Growth Stage Index, update

08-03-31 New real time monitoring display

08-03-18 New outputs of Simulation time used

08-03-16 New Update of soil DataBase - interface and content

08-03.12 Improvement of PG file options

08-02-05 New Update of DataBase

08-02-04 Deleted Bug

08-01-21 New help

08-01-16 Bug

08-01-08 Bug

08-01-03 Major changes