10-08-19 New quick update of values in charts

To make quick additional evaluation of results two new check boxes have been introduced in the Window with output charts from the model. The First checkbox Sorted series of Y values reorganize the chart to be plotted as a serie from the smallest to the largest value of any time serie. This allow the user to view the continous frequency distribution of any output display. A click on the checkbox could be combined with one additional click on the checkbox Cumulated Y values to display the corresponded continuous cumulated frequency distribution of values. The Second new checkbox Versus Normal Distribution replace the horizontal axis values of the variable with the estimated values based on the normal distribution function using the estimated std deviation and mean value of the variable. Both axis are showing the cumulated values. The graph corresponds to the QQ-plot since we are plotting quantiles  from the cumulative distribution of the variable against the theoretical normal distribution of the variable. A straight line demonstrate that the variable equals a normal distribution function.