03-03-26 New version 2.27

4 major changes.

(1) Introduced new switch (AtmosphericDep) in the Salt modul. The old SaltTracer switch remains in general options but have now only on/off. Instead the AtmosphericDep switch have overtaken previous options SaltTracer.

(2) Changed the mineralisation model from Humuspool to consider an efficiency (new parameter Eff_humus and the actual C-N ratio of the humus pool Previous model assumed the HumusRateCoefficient to be 100 % losses of carbon to atmosphere and N-mineralisation according to CN-ratio of microbes. With the default value of Eff_humus (0.5) the RateCoefHumus has to be doubled. Eff_humus =0. corresponds to previous model.

(3) Deleted bug and changed meaning of the parameters for allocation to root when using the exponential function for mass dependence.

(4) New Height function taking not only age and biomass into account but also grain. Two new parameters i Table : Size and shape of growing plant

(Height GrainCoef and Height MaxGrain). The first is the sensitivity of Carbon of grain and the second is the maximal fractional influence of grain on height.