Structure of Model

Soil Heat Processes

Soil Heat Flow

Soil Thermal Properties

Soil frost

Soil Heat Pump

Soil Water Processes

Soil water flow processes

Surface Water

Soil hydraulic properties

Drainage and deep percolation

Salt Tracer including Trace Elements



Parameter Tables

Viewing functions

State Variables

Flow Variables

Auxiliary Variables

Driving Variables


Plant water processes

Description of Plant

Potential transpiration

Water uptake by roots


Soil evaporation, Snow and Radiation processes

Evaporation from the soil surface

Snow Dynamics

Radiation processes

Nitrogen and Carbon - above ground processes and common functions

External inputs

Plant Growth

Leaf Assimilation

Allocation to different parts of the plant


Root uptake demand

Nitrogen fixation by micro-organisms



Parameter tables

Viewing functions

State Variables

Flow Variables

Auxiliary Variables

Soil Management

Common abiotic functions

Nitrogen and Carbon - below ground processes

Soil Organic Processes


Initial values

Litter formation

Decomposition and Mineralisation - Soil organisms implicit

Decomposition and Mineralisation - Soil organisms explicit

Dissolved organic matter

Root uptake of organic nitrogen



Parameter tables

Viewing functions

State Variables

Flow Variables

Auxiliary Variables

Mineral N Processes

Model Structure

Vertical redistribution of mineral N

Leaching and deep percolation of mineral N

Root uptake of mineral nitrogen


Nitrification processes



Parameter tables

Viewing functions

State Variables

Flow Variables

Auxiliary Variables

Gas Processes

Trace gas emissions of nitrous gases

Methane gas model

Oxygen flows

Volumetric anaerobic soil fraction



Parameter Tables

Viewing functions

State Variables

Flow Variables

Auxiliary Variables

Common Characteristics

Run Options

Additional abiotic variables

Additional Biotic Variables

Meteorological data

Abiotic Driving variables



Soil Profile

Construction of driving and validation variable files

List of constants

Minteq model

How to understand the menu system



Acknowledgements and comments on this edition

Recent updates



09-12-08 Deleted bug and improved visualization of MultiRun results

09-11-26 New regulation of denitrifier death rate function

09-11-24 New why to specify Harvest dates by PG file option

09-11-02 Improved bug in the display of output variables in a document prior simulation

09-10-28 Deleted bugs causing problems in the denitrification calculations from horizons with a zero microbial biomass

09-10-26 Updated Iterative energy balance solution for soil surface

09-10-15 Deleted bug negative values of soil ammonium

09-10-13 Deleted specific bug to select "Soil Resp (no roots)" variable

09-10-07 New options to plot and process outputs from multiple runs based on the format introduced (09-05-18)

09-10-07 New Tutorial on permafrost conditions.

09-09-21 Updated Tutorials

09-09-21 New Parameter for precipitation generation

09-09-21 Timing problem when reading validation files

09-09-08 Deleted bugs related to plotting mean values of selected ensambles of simulation

09-08-26 New window for definition of criteria to evaluate Multiruns or viewing results for Bayesian Calibration

09-05-18 Added new output representation during MultiRuns.

09-05-13 Added new outputs

09-05-10 Corrected bug given error in new year update

09-04-07 Corrected bug on Residuals in outputs

09-04-01 New Bayesian Likelihood function

09-04-01 Bug in update of Error for Summation variables.

09-03-24 Modification of Microbial based Nitrification model

09-03-24 Bug in display of posterior distributions

09-01-12 Extended info about MultiRun

09-01-12 Corrected bug for Bayesian Calibration

09-01-12 Corrected bug for plotting of parameter distributions

09-01-07 Forcing of document to be considered as completed runs


08-12-18 New parallel processing and features for the Residual files (XBin)

08-11-25 New Index for GW input file name

08-11-24 New options for plant development

08-11-24 Further development of N-emission model

08-11-24 Further Development of GLUE post analysis

08-11-05 New GLUE features as postprocessing of multiruns

08-10-27 Development of Microbial based Denitrification module

08-10-20 Correcting bugs

08-10-20 New colours and interface options

08-10-06 New options for rerun of MultiRun Simulations

08-09-29 Change of microbial based denitrification model

08-09-22 Modified Sampling options in Marcov Chain for Bayesian Calibration

08-09-22 Improved Real Time monitoring of MultiRuns

08-09-19 Introduced adding heat Source

08-09-16 Correction - bug in Radiation interception and update of new model from 08-09-03

08-09-10 Correction bug in Interception and some other procedures

08-09-11 Corrected bugs in Calibration procedures

08-09-11 New design of plotting procedures from grid

08-09-05 Correcting bug in energy balance procedure

08-09-05 Correcting bug in new Calibration procedure

08-09-04 New output option in the PG edit window

08-09-03 New canopy transmissivity model

08-09-01 Additional changes of new Calibration and new naming convention for MultiRun simulation

08-08-27 Deleted bug on new Calibration

08-08-26 Deleted bug on index output

08-08-19 Modified heat production function

08-08-12 New Calibration option - Validation files

08-04-25 New option of Bayesian calibration

08-04-21 Error MultiRun with Changes during Run

08-04-21 Added new outputs for integration of depth

08-04-17 PG File errors

08-04-17 Saving to excel

08-04-12 Growth Stage Index, update

08-03-31 New real time monitoring display

08-03-18 New outputs of Simulation time used

08-03-16 New Update of soil DataBase - interface and content

08-03.12 Improvement of PG file options

08-02-05 New Update of DataBase

08-02-04 Deleted Bug

08-01-21 New help

08-01-16 Bug

08-01-08 Bug

08-01-03 Major changes










Glossary of Terms